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Owner Dustin Estes in Costa Rica

Owner Dustin Estes in Costa Rica

Dustin Estes
Owner/Head Instructor

Dustin Estes is a passionate surfer. Growing up in New Smyrna Beach, Florida’s competitive hotbed molded Dustin into a competitive surfer. He has won numerous local surf contests as an amateur. Dustin won the South East U.S. championships in 2008 and 2010. He also was a finalist in the 2006 East Coast Championships in Buxton, North Carolina. Dustin’s travels include East and West Coast U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. Dustin is certified in life guarding and CPR. He is also very passionate about the preservation of our coasts and beaches.

Dustin has been coaching people how to surf since 1998. With over 18 years of experience he has fined tuned his technique.
“I watch what my students are doing with a very close eye, and an open mind when teaching them to surf. Everybody is different in the way they learn. You can’t teach everybody the SAME EXACT way.  So I take that and apply it to my surf coaching. Some people may get up right away, but it takes a long time to teach them to do a turn on the wave. Some people may take a long time to get to their feet, but then they pick up the turning and trimming much easier.  It is such a pleasure to be a part of the learning process with so many unique people.  I truly love doing what I do for a living”.